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Welcome to StoneCrest little critter.  

Justin and Mickey go for a joy ride.  Chapter Two of Callion Ring 

You are a mouse.  You find yourself scurrying down a beaten path in a semi-dense woodland, dragging an acorn by the stem, trying simply to get from point A to point B without interruption.  Between each step you strain your perception, listening intently, your mind on nothing other than avoiding danger in whatever form it might appear.  Without warning, a thought pops into your head.

                  You don’t like doing this.  You don’t enjoy running from each and every thing, and you barely enjoy the taste of acorns, so why are you going out of your way to store them? 

Then… a second thought.

                  You can’t recall ever having had a thought before.  Never in your short existence has anything ever actually occurred to you.  You had simply plodded along on basic mouse instinct, trusting that your intuition would keep you alive, but the truth, which you now see very clearly, is that you do not like acorns.

                  You have to stop and sit… So you do.

                  Suddenly, life has become about substance and meaning.  You want things that you know you do not need, but that doesn’t change how badly you desire them.  Instinct takes a backseat to less basic mechanisms.  Happiness becomes a very real concept.  Self-gratification speedily takes a spot in the front of a long list of “needs.”  Loneliness, boredom, hunger, pain, wretched repetitiveness… your life up until this very moment seems not only completely unfulfilling, but also pointless.

                  As you sit, lost in this new concept of thought, you hear a chuckle.  An old shrew is slumped in a stump not ten paces away.  You were so internally consumed you had neglected to notice him.  He begins to explain that he sees this all the time.  In fact, he sits here, waiting for the unsuspecting to wander through, because this is the very spot where the forest and the Great Tree grant consciousness.  Apparently, this is where the ‘civi-ly-zation gits yeh an niver let’s ye go.’ 

                  You look down the path, wondering what will happen if you just go back.  Your pea-sized brain feels like it’s going to explode with all these new notions.  He chuckles tragically, and says you’ll never be a ‘backwoods mousie’ again.  The Tree won’t let you go.  Trust him.  His smile is a bitter grimace of rotten rodent teeth.  He does have good news though.  You’re just starting.  You might only have one choice; to go along the path to where the first of the Great Trees shelters a city of forest critters, a proper civilization fit for creatures with a sudden clarity of thought, but you do have something you never had before…

                  You have control over what you do.

                  Control over why you do it.

                  Control over every decision you make from here on out.

                  Welcome, mouse.  

                  Welcome to StoneCrest.

Tiger at the bottom of the well

Chapter Three of Forget-me-not Cavern.

The Great Trees

Every StoneCrester knows there isn't just any one Tree... in fact there are at least ten known Trees spread across the world.  These trees harness a power, 'magic' for lack of a better term, and when wielded, this power allows the Trees to give sentience to any creatures they wish... if they wish.  Over the centuries, the Great Trees have sat and watched the world around them.  They've had a long time to think, and a great many tragedies happen at the hands of the humans.  They have chosen the littlest of creatures as their worthy subjects, and the closer the animals come to the Trees, the more they think and feel.  Both a blessing... and a curse. 

The Books

As of right now there are three completely written books, one half written book, and outlines for four more.  I love this story and know every inch of the world in such incredible detail that over the last ten years the stories and characters have just come pouring forth.  They just need their audience. 


Fangroot Five

51V3 the labmouse wakes up, the sole survivor of the V3 experiments at Evergreen Laboratories.  He wanders into the local forest and towards the Great Tree of OakRiver, drawn to the magic in the same way as all the other local rodents.  Along the way he comes into contact with Rathlin Wilk, a haughty, self absorbed, belligerent barn owl with designs on the Kingship of the StoneCourt.  What better way to secure followers for his new Kingship than to free all of the other Lab Animals and storm the StoneCrest City.  The locals don't have a current system of leadership, and it is left up to the Fangroot Five to stand in their way... a teenage mouse named Toki who choses her own adventures, a beautiful male squirrel teen named Flik who just wants to be loved for who he is, Artholowmew Tubbins, mole child inventor extraordinaire, Ameila Rose who wants to grow up to be a famous actress Mouse like her idols, and tiny Burrik who can feel the tree's magic burning though him like the very air he breathes...  

A cast of very real characters who are all lost in their identities make up this thrilling introductory story to the world.  Giant battle bugs, fireballs, cannibal squirrels, rampaging lizards, magical rubber ducks, poison, intrigue, and a hamster named Hyperion dance through the pages, and you can't help but get completely sucked in. 


Infant King 

Many years have passed since the Fangroot Five and LabMouse 51V3 had their final showdown and the StoneCrest cities are all still feeling the lasting repercussions.  Some still say that none of it would have happened if StoneCrest still had its reigning family.... Some say that the last son of the murdered King Gavin still lives out beyond the forest of Fleuve, all grown now... some say that is ridiculous poodle nonsense! 

Kristin WashMouse and Claude Squirrelington IIX are going through the woodlands outside of the city of Fleuve, gathering berries and other things used in their business of clothing care and manufacture, when a side step too far drops them into one of Canker Blossom's traps.  From there they meet some very interesting characters, including a Blue Jay who swears he knows where the Infant King can be found... if he wants to be found... 

Infant King is a story of court intrigues and rumors.  You can't help but love Kristin and Claude and simply cannot stop reading for fear there might be even one more twist that takes these relatable characters into even deeper danger. 


The Scratching

a choose your own adventure

Forget-me-not Caverns

a choose your own adventure

Callion Ring