Dani grew up at the end of a very small farmtown in Ansbach Germany, where alongside her siblings, she learned how to avoid flocks of geese, and jump off of roofs without breaking herself.  After high school, she decided to attend University in Scotland for theatrical design.  More recently, she has attained a master's degree in Illustration.  Now, in her late thirties, she snovels snow and watches squirrels ruin her garden in upper upper upper Wisconsin.  (If not for the great lake she would be in Canada).

She believes in knowing how things work.  In this regard she is a fully capable carpenter and general engineer. 

She is also the choice mother of Benjamin 'Beaner' Maupin, having decided she wanted to be a mother more than she wanted to waste time searching through the masses for her one true love. 

yellow spotted ragdoll...  

The very basics about Dani

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